Cooperative preschools are able to keep the cost of tuition lower because of the high level of parent involvement. Members of Glacier Way West Side Cooperative Preschool are expected to:

Assist the teacher in class: Each family is required to assist an average of 6 times a semester in the 3s program, and 9 times a semester in the 4s program. There may be a need for more assist days if enrollment is down. To maintain the integrity of our program, no siblings are allowed in the classroom while parents are assisting. A sibling nursery is available for parents to use on their assist days. Participating parents take turns assisting in the sibling nursery in addition to their regular assist days.

Choose an additional job: The job requires time spent outside of school hours. Examples of jobs are executive board member, field trip coordinator, health coordinator, yearbook, Scholastic books.  (See sidebar for complete list.)

Bring a snack for the class: Each family brings snack approximately twice a semester in the 3s program, and 3 times a semester in the 4s program.

Participate in fund-raising: Each family is required to fund-raise $95 per semester. Additionally, members are required to contribute an item worth at least $100 for the fall auction. Any remaining balance must be paid at the end of the semester. Successful fund-raising allows us to keep our tuition low.

Participate in housekeeping: One Saturday each month, a crew of parents “deep cleans” the school. Each family is assigned 2 cleaning dates per school year.

Attend general membership meetings: At the beginning of each semester there is a mandatory general membership meeting for all enrolled families of Glacier Way West Side Cooperative Preschool. At least one parent must be present. Childcare is not provided at this meeting, and we ask that children not be present. (Non-mobile babies are okay.) At this time, the balance of the semester’s tuition is due, members receive the assist schedule, fund-raising projects for the upcoming year are explained, emergency procedures are reviewed and any questions are addressed.

Social Events: We have at least three social events throughout the year that give the families a chance to get to know each other better: A fall potluck, a winter holiday party and an end-of-the-year picnic. 


Parent Handbook
GW By Laws


  • Co-Chair I
  • Co-Chair II
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership chairperson
  • Fundraising chairperson
  • Auction co-chair I
  • Auction co-chair II
  • Social chairperson
  • Field Trip coordinator
  • Health coordinator
  • Playdoh /Slime provider
  • Supply maintenance
  • Membership assistant
  • Publicity chairperson
  • Yearbook/Photography
  • Great Lakes Scrips coordinator
  • Grocery coordinator
  • Scholastic Book coordinator
  • Auction assistants
  • Deep Cleaning coordinator
  • Classroom materials maintenance
  • Assist scheduler
  • Web page maintenance
  • Laundry maintenance