We have an energetic, caring and creative teacher, Renee Hult, who is committed to your child’s development in their physical, cognitive, language, and social skills. She believes every child is developmentally different and deserves the opportunity to develop these skills at his or her own rate. Renee joined Glacier Way in 2008. She is the co-creator of All About Science, a traveling preschool science program, which is used as an after-school enrichment program at Glacier Way.

Renee’s approach is play-based and child-centered. She believes the teacher’s role is that of facilitator and enabler. The teacher sets up the environment to facilitate development of skills to allow for independence. She encourages children to “learn by doing” and provides a variety of “hands-on” experiences designed to meet the needs of children at different developmental stages. Preschoolers in her classroom are able to learn in their own way, in their own time.

Renee earned her B.S. degree from Eastern Michigan University and earned her preschool teacher qualifications from Schoolcraft College. Renee maintains at least 16 hours of teacher training per year to maintain a State of Michigan License and is a proud member of the Greater Detroit Cooperative Preschool Teacher's Association where she serves on the board.